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The photoshoot where Chris Evans looks like a truckstop hooker is an important part of manpelt.com


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Here’s a look at my contribution to the latest Poster Posse Project over on Blurppy.com. If it were a print, you’d be able to hang it either way. Fun! Head to Blurppy to see the rest of the pieces and be sure to check back tomorrow for Phase 2!

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The Thames in Ice, 1860, James Abbott McNeill Whistler


does the dishonored tag hate me yet???

How about you? You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?

Riz Ahmed The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012)


All that we have, all that we had.

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grand babe


A little somethin for my favorite characters in our current series, The Wolf Among Us! Holly definitely told Gren which tattoo shop to go to. And was probably there with him when he got it, really. And has seen it like 3 times. But it healed pretty nice, didn’t it?


Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968).

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question! why is cecilia your favourite? i'm curious!


Confession: she’s tied for first with Delilah. But Cecelia has a special place in my heart because of how ordinary she is, and how easily overlooked. You have to choose to get to know Cecelia. And if you do, she’s such an interesting character- not in the least because of how much trust she places in Corvo. That key she gives him to her apartment is one of the most touching things to happen in the game. It’s her hideout, and more than that, it’s her safe house. And she doesn’t ask for anything in return.

I love Cecelia for being a quiet, unimpressive character with a quiet, unimpressive voice, who has dreams and fears, and isn’t as obviously brave as other characters around her. I love how she changes in high chaos to be a more quietly vicious woman (that line where she talks about Lydia dying so she can take over the Hound Pits? Creepy). And I really love how, if Curnow dies in a low chaos game, you can see her in the ending montage comforting Callista. Cecelia has all these layers that she keeps pretty close to herself, and it’s incredibly interesting to look at them all and discover that she’s not even half as boring as she’d probably like people to think.

I made a more coherent defense of her a while back, in response to a claim that she lacks personality (I’m dropping that link there because it’s late and I should be asleep). I wish we saw more of Cecelia; she wasn’t even given her own Heart lines (she got generic female survivor lines instead), and I wish we could have heard a few of her secrets. Or, you know, even her last name. But she made a strong impression from the start, because she’s there, she asks for nothing, and she offers Corvo help for no better reason than because she thinks he might need it. And in Dishonored, that kind of thing is pretty special.